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Before You Commit: Advice BEFORE You Need Advice

Before you commit to anything--new relationship, new baby, new job, new car, new babysitter, new city, etc.--you should, before leaping head first, do thorough research and, most importantly, soul searching.

Better to do the hard work and checking out options now rather than regretting your choices later.

Obviously, some commitments are more serious and permanent than others, such as committing to another person or having a baby, especially having children--no do-overs here.

Buying a washing machine is less life-changing than having children, but, even so, you want to make sure you buy the right appliance at the right price. A few minutes of research and contemplation can save you hours of grief later.

"Before You Commit" is a new section of this blog that will help you navigate those important decisions (and even not-so-major decisions) before you make those commitments.

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